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With the swiss made symbol, optrel stands in the long tradition of Swiss companies that strive for constant perfection with innovation and reliability, the highest quality, the highest performance and absolute security thinking.

Optimal protection adapted to the process is the key factor when it comes to the welder's safety and health:

Trust the highest Swiss quality. Trust optrel.

You've never seen welding this way before.

Optrel's think tank has dealt intensely with the topic of how to expand the field of vision and is now in a position to introduce an uncompromising solution. Thanks to the unique glare protection cartridge with a nose cut-out, the display - which is optimal from an ergonomic perspective - is positioned closer to the eye and thus enlarges the field of vision six-fold in comparison to conventional welding masks without adding to the weight.
The panorama view in connection with the 2.5 brightness level - as well as the detailed colour rendering - makes it possible for the welder to experience an entirely new visual dimension.


Continuous development and new ideas, always focused on making people's work and lives easier and, above all, safer, are what pushes optrel. Since the invention of the automatic anti-glare filter over 30 years ago, innovation has been at the core of Optrel's business.

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Choose from a wide range of welding helmets - whether you need a wide field of view, superior optical performance or a combination of the two, Optrel has you covered. 
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Optrel is a leading manufacturer of innovative welding helmets and respiratory protective equipment. Made in Switzerland to ISO9001 standards, Optrel products have become synonymous with quality used by industrial professionals worldwide. With exclusive agency in New Zealand, Euroquip is the proud supplier of Optrel products to the NZ market.
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